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Reply to "The Myth Of The Absent Black Fathers"

Wow, such racism and hatred. On most sites you'd be banned for that kind of language.

I never said black men were fathering 10 children on average. I said that if you actually read the CDC report in the original post, that it states under limitations of the study, that no questions were asked to determine if the fathering applied to all of the respondent's children. Therefore the respondent COULD have 10 children, do some activity with one of them during a 4 week time frame, and be deemed a good father. That is fact 1. You can read it yourself.

Next, look at the last census report. Per 1000 never-married black males, 562 have children. The same report shows that per never-married white males, 112 have children. That is fact 2.

Put fact 1 together with fact 2, and you'll realize that a never-married black male has a much higher chance of answering favorably in this CDC questionaire. Therefore it is likely to be biased.

Here's the link to the CDC report:

Here's the link to the census report:

Fact3: The CDC also did a study showing that not having 2 parents in the home is directly related to the quality of the child's life. I posted that link earlier. If you look at the report in Fact 1. You'll see that black males are much less likely to live in the same as their children as other races in America.

None of what I've stated here is debateable. But go ahead and keep calling me cracker if you want too. I dont find it insulting in the least when coming from someone ignorant enough to use it the way you do.