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Reply to "The Murder of Tyshawn Lee In Chicago Points To A Larger Question: When Will Black America Decide That White Supremacy Must Die?"

That because Black man have effectively been castrated, displaced and removed from proper society.


The difference between Whites, Latinos, and Asians that successfully removed any occupying force for their society or nation or land is that their men were actively involved in their mainstream society.


A Black man's world is separate from what goes on around him. It has different rules, norms, culture and consequences. The Black man does not have access to mainstream society. He isn't allowed to accquire economic capital to benefit himself and other Black people. He isn't allowed to acquire social capital benefit himself and other Black people.


Only thing a Black man could be in mainstream society is a token nigga. 


Matter of fact even in the Black rights movement, the thorough down for whatever, about that life brothers such as Martin Delany, Marcus Garvey, Hubert Harrison were shunned by mainstream society.


It was all about Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, WEB Dubois and Martin Luther King Jr. Hell, even Dubois was part of the precusor to COINTELPRO and got Marcus Garvey deported. Mainstream Black society was willing to let Hubert Harrison die nameless. Mainstream Black society tried to deradicalize Malcolm X and make him a gay social democratic.


Mainstream Black society is not comfortable with a Black man that does not cower or bow to no one. The Black population that are in the mainstream does not even want a free, authoritative and powerful Black man. They want whatever they need from the Black man at the time. A father, a husband, a son, a leader, a martyr,  a nigga to blame for the plights of the Black population, a nigga to blame for fatherlessness, a nigga to blame for the single neuortic Black woman, and a nigga to blame for single motherhood. How about let the Black man just be a man to his own self?


Black man is alone and isolated instead and left to look out for themselves on the streets and since the Black man is so alone and isolated Black men cannot even organize criminal activity like Asians and Whites did. 


Black men have street gangs that fight over corners and do anything to get a damn corner. Do anything to get a damn building to sell drugs in. But he cannot even organize himself so everybody can have a corner, everybody can have a building, because he is too paranoid and scatterbrained in his own isolation to not realize the best thing for business is no murders and no fighting. 


Black folks will never ever ever have excise White Supremacy from touching our population if the Black male has his own world where the rules, norms, culture and consequences are different. And the only way he could be part of the mainstream society, even the mainstream Black society is by compromising himself to the detriment of himself and those that look him. 


In order to have a revolution, you must free yourself from social constraints. You can't have a role in society. You can't have a defined place in society. You can't be outside of society either. You can't be isolated in the middle of nowhere and unable to act on the mainstream.


One half of the population is mainstream and the other half is in its own world. 


Nothing is gonna happen until those that are in Zion can get into the Matrix. 

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