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Reply to "The Most Popular Myths In Science"

If it isn't dangerous, why when they used to spray for 'fruit flies' in Cali when I was growing up did they used to tell us to cover our cars(becauese it will eat off the paint), take our pets inside, and make sure we sta inside. Was that all a hoax?---Oshun Auset

I, for one, believe such beliefs were the consequence of the hoax.

I haven't gone bach here to look at my earlier posts, but the man who travel the nation, and other parts of the world trying to expose the hoax would eat it (DDT) as a part of his insistence.

It is criminal for DDT to be banned in such a manner at to preclude it being used in various nations on the African continent.

Apply DDT, and malaria is on its way to the history of a society.

No one argues that this is not true.

Everyone gets into the argument of the politics, and the drug industry revenues and other such 'personal' perks.

Thet's criminal.


Jim Chester