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Reply to "The Most Popular Myths In Science"

Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:
I've known of this since the late-70s.

The application is as an insecticide DDT is 99%+ effective in eradicating the mosquito that carries, transmits, the disease.

A good reference is 'Hoodwinked' by Jack Cashill pp 199 - 215.

We used to laugh at reports of this guy (J. Gordon Edwards) who toured the country, and the world, debunking the claims of Rachel Carson and her governmental recruits.

He would eat the stuff; drink it.

The Environmental Culture will rarely, rarely admit when it is wrong.

They will hold on to a position, knowingly, to the detriment of others.


Jim Chester

My sentiments exactly....damn environmentalists...way too many young children die of a disease that is largely preventable.