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Reply to "The Media's Effects On Black Men"

Originally posted by BlankCanvas
Posted November 18, 2008 12:22 PM

I am currently researching the media's effects on the recidivism rate of African American Males and would appreciate your help and support in gaining a generalized depiction of your views on this issue.

Lol... After viewing some of your initial responses I have decided to edit my original post (but not withdraw my stance). Rather than attack my position, inquire about my ideology. Is that not one of the main problems in our society today? If you don't agree with something, help to educate them or broaden their awareness. Institutions don't teach people how to view life. There is a major difference between stating that an entire culture or race is screwed up than my prior statement that some of our brothas continue to make poor decisions. Yes, I would say that my use of profanity was unethical, but I would not consider it uncalled for. It was just a passionate outburst. Through primary socialization, we learn cultural norms and ideas of what is "acceptable" and then we take those ideas into the world where our peers, the media, school, and various other institutions greatly influence our perceptions of ourselves, each other, and society as a whole. I won't present my entire thesis on this board right now, but you have to understand the power behind the Labeling Theory, the idea behind the looking-glass self, etc. The media's primary goal to gain high rating by reporting the truth in an entertaining way. I have to go now, but I will be back later to further share my views. I also look forward to you all sharing your knowledge as well.

The link below will take you to a brief survey that I have created and I would appreciate if you all took 2 minutes of time to contribute to my statistical findings.

Does mass media have an effect on the recidivism rate of African American males?

fro Young brotha while you are doing your reseach on your advice is to expand your research outside the angst of the media and onto the historical ramification of the socialization of Black men during before and after slavery. Research info from other countries as well to form a bigger picture cuz the media machine is a monopoly of a racist view which can have an impact on your order words look for a broader perspective as you do your research. Also, I suggest you read Native Son [regarding effects the media had on Bigger Thomas] and Black Boy by Richard Wright, The autobiograhy of an African Boy, by Camara Laye, Slavery: Opposing views, David Blender, Publisher. Also, while you are at it Gangs" A Handbook for Community Awareness by Rick Landre, Mike Miller and Dee Porter; Voices From the Harlem Renaissance by Nathan Higgins, Malcom X, by Alex Haley, Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams, and periodicals on Tookie Williams, Jim Crow, Segegration, Civil Rights if you haven't already.

This way you have the FULL CIRCLE analogy that will give your research a well-rounded perspective. Cuz it has been my experience while conducting research especially in American Libraries.....authors will lie lie lie about what they THINK the problems/reasons are in relations to black men. So do yourself some justice....and go outside the box of traditional research.....and expand onto the REAL truth in other venues. And take your take time, if you have it to get the real picture. Afterwards you will discover, it will be better for you and those who will benefit from your findings.....but JMHO is all. fro