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Reply to "The Media's Effects On Black Men"

One's belief system and socialization starts with the institution of family and at home, so that's where the strengthening of our minds begin. That's my view in a nut shell. How do ya'll feel?---BlankCanvas

I also believe the family the foundation for building the nature, and character of our children.

Too few of our families are succeeding in the task.

That failure is the result of ignorance.

The media does what society demands that it do...sustain the status quo.

Our families succeed when the parents come into the knowledge of who they are.

The parents need to realize thier 'color' is not their identity.

The media will not acknowledge that, because there is no demand.

Ipso...the media tells us who we are.

And...we agree.


You are helping.

You are doing a 'Senior Paper' on race relations as the concept is impacted by those who would sustain, and repress us.


Race Relations is a concept created by Booker T. Washington.

He did not recognize his error until he was in the last years of his life.

Too late to fix it.

The 'color construction' of the society had taken that suicidal reasoning, and injected it deep into the structure of the society.

You might want to ocnsider changing the focus of your paper.


Jim Chester