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Audio, Video Released in Police Beating Death of Chicago Man



10 months ago

Darrin Hanna, 45, died last month in custody after being arrested


The mother of a Chicago man who died after being beaten by Chicago cops in custody is calling for the officers to be fired, according to NBC Chicago.

"This is over four months. I can't take this any longer. You couldn't understand what I am going through," Gloria Carr told those gathered at a city council meeting.

Darrin Hanna, 45, was arrested last November after a domestic dispute. Police say he was beating his pregnant girlfriend and was resisting arrest.

But video and audio tapes that were recently released tell a different story. Hanna's family obtained graphic photos and video footage that caused his mother to cry hysterically in court, and forced many in the courtroom to turn away from the brutal pictures or leave the room in tears.

Audio recordings of Hanna's confrontation with the six officers involved in his beating were released yesterday:

Officer: "You're OK. You're OK. Relax. Calm down. You're OK."
Hanna: "Put me down! Put me down! I'm about to die! I was down. I was down."
Officer: "OK. OK. (Inaudible.)"
Hanna: "They killing me. (Inaudible.)"

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Mike Newsome, who was police chief when Hanna was arrested, was placed on leave in January and retired a month later.

His successor, Michael Hosking, quit after just days on the job.

The six officers involved in the confrontation with Hanna remain employed but are on administrative duties. Below are two videos which show the extensive injuries Hanna suffered and the treatment Hanna recieved while in the precinct recorded on a surveillance camera.

The coroners report said that Hanna died from "acute and chronic cocaine abuse, physical trauma and restraint, Taser restraint, poorly controlled hypertension and chronic renal insufficiency." Hanna's family blame the police and their beating for the death.

You can view two videos below which show the graphic nature of the beating through both pictures and video footage.

Click center of video to play: