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9.16 juice

SISQO DONE LOST HIS DAMN MIND! R&B singer shoots neighbor's car, say cops.

(Sep. 16, 2003) *We know that Dru Hill has been going through a luke warm period as far as their material is concerned, but that ain't no reason for Sisqó to be actin' like he lost his got-dang mind, or is it? reports that Sisqó was arrested early Saturday morning along with his girlfriend after pulling a *Richard Pryor. He allegedly fired several shots at a car parked outside a neighbor's house. Eek

Police detained Sisqó, whose real name is Mark Andrews, at his home in the Baltimore suburb of Randallstown and charged him with five criminal acts, including first-degree assault, resisting arrest and reckless endangerment.

His girlfriend, Tera Thomas, was also arrested and charged with second-degree assault and resisting arrest.

Police believe three shots were fired. Sisqó allowed officers into his house and denied firing any shots. Officers said they found a gun in the singer's kitchen and it appeared to have been recently fired.

(*Old heads will recall one of Richard Pryor's classic comedy routines that centers around the time he was arrested by LAPD for shooting at his wife's car back in the 70s.)

Playboy Pulls The Plug On Blu.

(Sep. 16, 2003) You can forget about seeing Blu Cantrell on the cover of Playboy magazine. The cover feature is now a no-go and the reason why seems to vary depending on who you ask. Blu told London's Daily Mirror that she posed for the pictures and then decided it would make her too much of a sex symbol if they ran. She felt that a nude photo shoot would take away from the fact that she can actually sing. Roll Eyes(That didn't seem to matter when her Black Tail spread that she was paid pennies for surfaced after her debut album hit.)
Nonetheless, my sources are singing a song of a different tune. An insider tells me that Playboy canned Blu's cover because the photos were horrible, and they refused to re-shoot the singer. Eek I also hear that although Blu's camp initially said she was paid $1 million for the shoot, and then later $750,000, it was actually about $600,000 the biracial singer would have received if the cover had hit newsstands. Apparently, Playboy pays a partial retainer off the top, and you get the rest of your money off the back end -- pun intended.

In other Blu news ... The Arista artist continues to take shots at Beyonce Knowles in the European press. (Sidebar: Blu is doing so many interviews in Europe because her album isn't selling well in the US, but is having great success in London.) The Sun reports Blu said she wouldn't strip in her videos like Beyonce. "I won't take off my clothes like Beyonce in order to sell records," she said. But remembering her scandalous Black Tail spread and her attempt at Playboy, she added, "I'm not ashamed of anything I've done. I'm not embarrassed by it, and I don't regret it." Confused

Blu said to another London paper, "Beyonce is talented and beautiful, and I'm a fan...but she's ripping me off! Her song "Baby Boy" has the exact words as "Breathe" in the hook." Ironically Sean Paul is featured on both tracks and Blu further claims that Beyonce collaborated with the ubiquitous reggae star to get back at her for once being connected to Jay-Z.


(Sep. 16, 2003) *Pop star Michael Jackson hosted a fund-raiser at his Neverland Ranch with a celebrity invitation list that included boxer Mike Tyson and musicians Patti LaBelle and Boyz II Men.
About 700 people were invited to Saturday's event, which cost $5,000 to attend. Some of the proceeds were to go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Oneness and E Ai Como E Que Fica, a Rio de Janeiro organization that provides food, clothing and medical care for poor children.

Fans outside the ranch gates traveled as far away as Denmark and Croatia to catch a glimpse of Jackson and other celebrities.

"I'm here to show love and support for Michael," said Tea Kos, 23, president of the Michael Jackson fan club for Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.

Jay-Kid, a 13-year-old Michael Jackson look-and sound-alike, sang a few bars from his CD "Bring You the Magic," which is gold in Denmark.