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JMJ INVESTIGATION DRAGS ON: Police think they're on the right track, others say they're not even close.

(Sep. 12, 2003) *Though the police say they're doing their best to find the murderer of Jam Master Jay, people close to the situation say that cops are barking up the wrong trees.
In July, aspiring rapper Karl "Little D" Jordan and his father, Darren "Big D" Jordan, were fingered by a convicted robber and former associate of Jay's named Ronald "Tinard" Washington.

Interviewed in the Nassau County jail by the New York Daily News, Washington claimed that he saw Big D and Little D enter Jay's Queens, New York, studio the night of the murder and then saw Little D fleeing through the studio's rear exit moments later. On August 8th, police charged Little D with shooting Jay's nephew Rodney Jones in the leg on May 14 on a Queens street, and questioned Little D about Jay's murder. But the Jones shooting may have been the result of a feud over song lyrics that Jones wrote insulting the younger Jordan and may be unrelated to Jay's killing.

The Jordans deny involvement in the JMJ murder and a source close to Jay who preferred not to be named discounted Washington's allegations, telling Rolling Stone, "I don't know who did it, but I know who didn't do it. Big D and Little D were real good friends of Jay's."

Sources close to Jay also point out that Washington is widely known and feared around Queens as a stickup kid. Although Washington has denied involvement in Jay's death, several sources said they suspect he knows more than he is telling.

REDMAN ARRESTED OVER GREEN: Rapper held for transporting too much weed.

(Sep. 12, 2003) *Redman makes it known that he smokes marijuana and, for the most part, weed heads do their best to stay ahead of the law. But earlier this week he walked into some trouble when he was busted at Olso airport in Norway.
The rapper has arrived on a flight from Amsterdam, where marijuana is legal. When dogs trained to sniff out drugs honed in on him, the gig was up.

The rapper had been touring Europe for several months now and was slated to perform in front of a sold out audience at the Rockefeller nightclub in Oslo.

The amount that the rapper was carrying violated local laws, which tolerate small amounts for personal use.

Authorities finally released the frustrated rapper, saying that they realized he wasn't attempting to smuggle the drugs and that the cancellation of the show he was scheduled to perform at could cause more serious problems.