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MORE VIOLENCE SURROUNDS 50: He's 'bout to have a warrant put out on him.

(Sep. 11, 2003) *(sigh) Guess whose entourage is taking the retarded hanger on thing to another level. Yep, non other than the crew affiliated with current hot spot 50 Cent.
It has been reported that police are looking to identify around twelve members of 50's crew after gunfire erupted early yesterday at a Jersey City Hotel.

Eyewitnesses described a lone male gunman and police found spent shell casings from a .40 and a .45 caliber gun in a nearby parking. However, a hotel surveillance camera caught the entire incident on tape and police are analyzing it to determine if someone was firing on 50 and company and if the rapper's associates fired as well. It hasn't been determined yet if anyone was injured.

Police say that 50 was reportedly taken away from the scene in his SUV. But that's not the end of the story. MTV reports that police are set to issue a warrant for the arrest of 50 Cent unless he turns himself in within 5 days.

The rapper's rep says 50 Cent is now in LA shooting the video for "Stunt 101," a new single from his G-Unit crew.

This just in is reporting that they've received first hand information on the shooting incident. It paints a picture that the shots were not aimed to hit 50 or anyone in his crew but were a deadly warning.

An employee of the Doubletree Hotel who refused to give his name due to the hotel's closed-lipped policy, told that the gunshots were fired "into the air" and did not appear to be intended to hit anyone.

The gunmen then made their escape via Washington Blvd - a large multi-lane street running parallel to the hotel and a direct route for the assailants to flee New Jersey to the state of New York via the Holland Tunnel. This is apparently the same street used by 50 and his entourage to flee from the scene.