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The intellectual BLACKOUT - You say AMEN after you Pray...why, where does it come from?

There is one thing about being black that never ends---having to prove you're a human being again and again and again...

I had a collegue at work who must have been so infuriated by the idea of the blackman being the origin of the word (AMEN), that he endeavoured to come back to me with what he considered the REAL answer, mainly other hebrew explanations or biblical origins for the word...which undoubtably come after the recorded instances of the more ancient usages of the word.

I told him...that no matter how far back you try to go (i.e The Bible or Hebrew Scriptures), NOTHING predates the blackman who had written these many words in stone long before words were made into sure...the word may have taken on other meanings since when it was first used...but FIRST is FIRST.

I got here some of the related materials presented to me by that co-worker that he used:

(This is something that he had used to try and prove his case that the word AMEN used now commonly at the end of prayers wasn't in relation to Egypt...but even within the site they could not help but make a reference to Egypt...though mockingly of course).

The quote taken from: The Origin of the Word 'Amen'

They write:

"The word 'Amen' makes its first appearance in the Bible under the most solemn circumstances. When a husband accused his wife of adultery, and she protested her innocence, and she had not been caught in the act, the matter was settled by God under the test of bitter water (Num 5:12-31). The woman was taken to the priest, and the priest put her under oath. She submitted to a ceremony in which she drank some water containing dust from the tabernacle floor. If she had committed adultery, she was be cursed with a wasting disease, but if she did not get sick, then she was proven innocent and her husband was proven wrong.

During the ceremony, when the priest pronounced the curse, the woman was required by God to say, "Amen, Amen". (Num 5:22). That is the first occurrence of the word in scripture. The Lord commands it to be said by a person who is yielding herself to examination by him in his presence.

The word 'Amen' probably goes back a long way. Some think it is of pagan origin (there was an Egyptian god called Amen-Ra). Perhaps that ancient usage reflects an even earlier existence of the word. (PERHAPS HUH?)

He tells me to keep following the link and to continue reading the other instances wherein the word is used to signify "TRUTH" in the Bible...Amen means Truth...But again...where did it TRULY come from?

----------------------------------------- LET US SAY...AMEN, Shall we?


"" It is one of just a few Hebrew words which have been imported unchanged into Church liturgy. ""

One of just a few words, which can be said to be "unchanged" (I wonder why...maybe because its root doesnt come from something else, a strong word stays the same all throughout the ages...wouldnt you agree?)



" Whether Amen is magic, rooted in a Pagan deity, originally a Christian word, a Muslim word, a Jewish word, or anything else, the question is the same: So what? When Christians, Jews and Muslims say Amen, they do not invoke any god or any power just by saying that word or indeed any other word. Amen does not even make other words more sincere. But Amen, like all the other languages we use, helps us to focus on what we mean in our hearts."

The man what? as in who cares...WOW!

------------------- I care...cause it matters to me and my race of people.

The oxymoronic paragraphs continue...having been the victim of subliminal propaganda for many many can pick up on the nonesense written yet again on this other website...check it out

This website belongs to the adherents of a church called; The restored church of Christ:

They write:

"Historical records do indicate that the ancient Egyptians had, among their many gods, a god called Amen (the presumed personification of air or breath, represented by a ram or goose). However, no evidence can be found, linking the word amen (Hebrew: "truth", "so be it") to this, or any other, pagan god.

OMG...NO EVIDENCE...didnt they just say Historical records do indicate that the ANCIENT Egyptians called God Amen...but coincedentally that does not in any way LINK the word Amen to the more recent usages used by Christians, Jews and Muslims.

This is modern christian mentality below...

" If we base our use of the word on the Hebrew meaning, then it is not a sin to use it. However, if we attribute life and power to some pagan god as we use it, then we are using it improperly and not in the same manner as did the writers of the Bible."

A SLAP IN THE FACE...Thats like saying...if we take rock n roll from the niggas and act like its our music, then its ok...but if we think to wanna attribute this form of music to blackpeople...well then we would have to be admitting to them that we didnt have any musical genuis in America. Black people get raped for all of our ideas...including SPIRTUAL CONCEPTS LIKE AMEN.



According to Funk and Wagnall's Standard College Dictionary, AMEN was the god of life and procreation in Egyptian mythology, and later identified with the Sun-god as the supreme deity and called "Amen-Ra." Smith's Bible Dictionary and Egyptian Belief and Modern Thought agree.

So here we realise that AMEN was the God of Life...and it is with most religions...things change...and the term took on other meanings and other forms...but in the beggining...Amen was the God of Life...and that is what we are expressively interested in...the root of things. My question to the people is...does the changing of Amen to the present day modern context in which the word is used differ in any way from how other names like Jehoshua had been changed to Jesus?

Furthermore...and it gets a bit deeper now...a little history lesson.

According to W├Ârterbuch der Antike, the substitute name "Jesus" can be traced back to the Latin Iesus and the Greek Iesous. Then, it can be traced back to an adaptation of the name of the Greek healing goddess Ieso. This is confirmed by Greek-English Lexicon of Liddell and Scott. To Greeks who venerated a healing goddess Ieso, a saviour Iesous must have been most acceptable, suggests a writer in Philologische Wochenschrift. In spite of attempts to justify the "translating" of the Father's Name and His Son's Name, it cannot be done. A person's name remains the same in all languages.

The father of the Greek goddess Ieso was Asclepius, the deity of healing. The father of Asclepius was Apollo, the great Sun-deity. Thus, the name Iesous can be traced back to Sun-worship. There is also a relationship to the Egyptian goddess Isis and her son Isu. According to Reallexikon der Agpyptischen Religionsgeschichte, the name of Isis appears in hieroglyphic inscriptions as ESU or ES. Isu and Esu sound exactly like "Jesu" that the Saviour is called in the translated Scriptures of many languages.

What's my point? My point is that they can do all of this tracing for the word Jesus...and come to the conclusion that it was associated to Sun-worship, but they cannot be as definitive without scrambling and screwing around when it comes to the word AMEN. I have always been a lover of knowledge, the kind of knowledge that challenges so called mainstream and popularly held beliefs. I do take it personally when "black intellectuals" as a group are indiscriminately attacked for trying to present evidence of a challenging and questioning nature.

Black intellectuals - those who identify closely with the term as I do - lead a precarious existence. They are attacked by leading academic whites for defending black interests. Attacked even more vigourously by conservative Christians (and religionists in general) both black and white for defending secular values, humanism, and intellectual freedom. A person cannot be made welcome only when they say the things that people like to hear. Real intellectuals must be interested in saying what they believe to be true and relevant. And they must use whatever tools are at their disposal - even if they originated with European thinkers - to discover that truth.

----------------------------- Black Scholarly Writings:

The Nile Valley Civilization
and the Spread of African Culture

By: Yosef Ben-Jochannan

He Writes:

"The period of belief in "One God" really did not start with Akhnaten, although he did say that there must be only "One God." The period of absorbing "One God" didn't start then, there was a period in 4100 B.C.E., when Narmer, after defeating Scorpion, the leader of the North, decided that the deity of the North, God Amen (which you say at the end of every prayer, you are still praying to the African God Amen), be put together with his own deity of the South, God Ra. But they didn't notice that he made "One God' out of the two, God Amen-Ra. He used them in that respect. But the people fell into civil war and there was division again. From that union, God Amen-Ra became God Ptah, and the Goddess of Justice became Maat. Justice, shown as a scale which is the same symbol now used in the United States for justice, except that there is no justice in the United States, because one scale is up, the other is down, and that is not justice; that is "just this"! Justice is when both scales are on the same level, and so the African in America who asks for justice is being foolish. The symbol says you will never get it; you'll get "just this"!

And there are many others who can attest to the same thing...I neednt not recite them all.

---------------------------- What's entered into all of our collective audio subconcious minds?

Check out what its called...the AMEN-BREAK...a drum loop that originally comes from a funk and soul band called AMEN BROTHER (1969).

Watch it...because the music rape of the AMEN-BREAK DRUM LOOP is exactly no different from how others have raped the birth and the development of the original word AMEN. The AMEN-BREAK was the first drum pattern to be sampled by all genres of music, just as the word AMEN itself was also one of the originating words for God/Creator etc...also used throughout the ages and changed.

--------------------------- So we've concluded a few things thus far...

"Amen" was transliterated directly from the Hebrew into the Greek of the New Testament, then into Latin and into English and many other languages, so that it is practically a universal word. It has been called the best known word in human speech. It has also been considered purely coincidental by the so called scholars of the world that the Egyptian God has the same spelling, eventhough to any avid researcher a claim of "concedence" would be considred ridiculous, how could there be any other etymological source for the word other then in Egypt? Egypt has more ancient documents and other artifacts than any other civilization one could speak of. So when you hear them talking about "Sumer" and "Babylon," and all those other places, theoretically, they can't show you the artifacts. Thus my position is, first hand information is the best proof; and I can show you the bones and other remains of Zinjanthropus Boisei about 1.8 million years ago. But no one can show me the bones and remains of Adam and Eve. Not only can we factually show the world the bones of various Africans...but we can go beyond that. We can look at the artifacts before writing came into being. The archaeological finds that have been unearthed teach us that there were two groups of Africans; one called "Hutu," and one called "Twa." The Twa and Hutu take us back into at least 400,000 years of history alone, and thats B.C.E. (Before the Common "Christian" Era) in terms of artifacts. The most ancient of these artifacts, one of the most important in Egypt, is called the "Ankh," which the Christians adopted and called the "Crux Ansata" or "Ansata Cross." The Ankh was there amongst these people, equally the "Crook" and "Flail." All of these symbols came down to us from the Twa and Hutu. You know the Twa by British anthropologists who called them "pygmies." There is no such thing in Africa known as a "pygmy," much less "pygmies." But the people call themselves Twa and Hutu, so that's what they are. These are God's people, the originators of modern day "adopted" spirtual concepts. We are talking about a people who had travelled and who had implanted their influences into what was later called Egypt.

Hope you enjoyed all of this...
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