Reply to "The Images Of Black Women In Media Still 'Only Scratch The Surface,' Essence Study Finds"

Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:


I agree, but not for the reasons you may think.  As long as these social issues are framed within a market based ideological framework.....activist efforts to address the issues you raised will NOT even get off the ground.



The topic was "Images of Black Women in the Media".  So, if American forms of Media[propaganda] are the problem or are part of the problem, it definitely has to be addressed.  If American media/Hollywood/news/tv/op eds/etc. serves as the propaganda that creates, sustains and spreads the misinformation and distortion of the image of Black women, then, it needs to be addressed.  If many of the social problems African America is battling today are induced by the market based ideological framework of Hollywood, the Music Industry, Advertising, news and television programming, addressing it is activism and/or activists addressing a social issue affecting/negatively impacting African America, in this case, African American women.  





The main issues I have with the above is that in the grand scheme of things the actors within an established system are low hanging fruit.  In the area of criminal and juvenile (in)justice this is understood and why structure is addressed and not individual judges, prosecutors, prison companies etc.



Well, as fruit trees go, if the tree itself is infected or poisoned, so are ALL the fruit, the low hanging and high hanging alike.  So, African America should be looking to cut the whole damn tree down, low hanging fruit and all.  




For some reason we insist on assigning degrees of power (not influence) to actors in a system beyond what they actually have. 


The degree of power that I assign to Black actors is the power to say no to certain roles and to give a damn that the roles they play disseminates racist stereotypes of the Black race and negative, destructive, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Syndrome onto psyche of Black youth. African American/Black actors should have the integrity to not sellout the entire Black race for 15 minutes of fame.  If they don't have the integrity to give a damn, then African Americans/Black people should not give a damn about their success, work, products or supporting them in any way either.