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Reply to "The Greater Evil: Big Business or Big Government?"

I've had some 'bad' experiences in watching 'business', big and small (as in less than 600 employees).

The accummulation of those 'pots of money' are great temptations to those who are charged with 'watching' it, or applying some stewardship to its use.

I am impressed with words from both 'Lea' and 'HonestBrother'

I agree with everyone here, keep government small and corporations honest.---Lea

Wasn't "Big Government" a myth created by those who love Big Business without question?---HonetBrother

I also think the comments of K4R are on the money.

I think both are our adversary. One holds you while the other beats you up.

They take turns,

Unfortunately, your back is always turned on one or the other.

You need all the help you can get.

This is true mostly because we still fail/refuse to use the power that is inherent in our vote.


Jim Chester