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Reply to "The Greater Evil: Big Business or Big Government?"

I say, I trust myself more than I do anyone else. Therefore, I do not want more law that inhibits my ability to blaze my trial to where ever it may lead. I believe government should protect us not lord over us like in other places in the world. If we are not careful, all of us will have a new Massa if we allow government to become so powerful that we no longer can make decisions for ourselves. And handle our business the way we please within reasonable and sensible laws. Just punish those who are crooked and maintain a free enterprise system that reward those with good ideas and hard work and treat employee's and business fairly, that's all I ask.

Regarding the Wall Street Scandals many Democrats want to federalize the accounting industry and many Republicans don't want to do what is needed to limit greed among CEO's, this scares the hell out of me because both attitudes are wrong. Just do what is right, both extremes have the wrong idea about this whole accounting scandal thing, you can see how the influence of lobby money and the hunger for power makes it difficult to hit the target in making good law. Perot (Crazy man) was right, lobbyist need to be taken out of the process of law making. Lawmakers should listen to those who voted them in.

Republicans are just as guilty of supporting cooking the SSI books to fool the public as much as Democrats, they are in it together no doubt. All of them are puppets to lobbyists and the rich who wave money in their faces and the allure of power is hard to deflect. Criminal laws need to be in place to severely punish politicians who take money for votes and make law with loopholes in favor of who paid them the most. The real corruption is in government, the rich are under law like the poor the difference is the rich can influence changes in laws with their filthy lobby money.

Because of the corporate scandals lobby money is having less influence to stop new laws or the inforcement of current law that will punish crooked CEO's because of public anger at CEO's who will risk the livelihood of 1000's of employees and billions of dollars to enrich themselves. Lobbyists are up against the poor confidence in the stock market. Until new laws or the enforcement of current laws with teeth are in place to insure correct accounting statements and punishment for rich greedy crooks, confidence will not return until something is done.

The reason all the accounting scandals are happening is because when the stock market was flying high it was a source of capital for companies to run the business to make loans and hide their debt for at least the last 10 years or so. Accounting statements show low debt, good earnings, which were blatant accounting lies to draw investor money. Now that their stock ICON is not creating capital by drawing in investor money for them to use to run their businesses they are being exposed because they cannot pay their bills with real money from profits and hard revenue they ripped from the business. 4 or 5 trillion dollars have been taken out of the stock market and put in safer investements such as money market and federal bonds.

Don't think this just happens in the USA, it is super much worse in other countries where the rich absolutely control the government. All monarchies and totalitarian, socialist countries and most all 3rd world countries like Mexico, in fact most all of S. America is steeped in blatant corruption.

Evil and greed can only be fought with law and an aggressive and educated population. Evil is a part of human nature we can only contend against it. It's hard to find anywhere that the evil rich do not have profound control or influence of the government. But as long as a country is run by laws and put in place by those who are voted in by the masses there is always a chance to reform and improve. And you can see this happening regarding the recent accounting scandals, this is good.

Be thankful that you live in a country where lawmakers are elected to local and Federal seats, who have to work in a system of checks and balances with a free press unlike many other nations in the world.

The greed of the rich is being exposed for what it is, evil that is seriously harming the masses. Now the masses are giving more attention to this area because we are being hit in the pockets and we just can't afford to ignore the corruption of the rich. I think these accounting scandals will help target the crooks.

Greedy CEO's need to be put in their place, in jail with all of their ill gotten assets taken from them, but it won't happen unless we the people do something about it.

As long we have the notion that nothing can be done about it then we are as weak as water. I for one believe in the people as the U.S. Constitution wisely targeted power to come from.

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