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Reply to "The FALLACY of the "COLORBLIND": False Theory & Bad Practice"

No... SGT.

I'd like you, ShebaKoby to juxtapose The Life & Discrimination of Blacks under Segregation vs. The Life Of Whites under AA. Side-by-side, Issue-by-Issue.

Let me spell it out. Compare actual things in size and scope like... ah admission to quality hospitals and other things. And don't forget to list the number of colleges that WILL NOT accept a White applicant at all today, I'd like to see your count.

And just to be fair, go ahead and give me that SMALL number of colleges that completely excluded Blacks by virtue of race during segregation.

Let's make a real comparison. I'll let you take the lead! Smile
Okay... while I'm waiting... let me bring home a greater illustration to the FALLACY by comparison.

You Right Wing Ideologues would never allow the War in Iraq to be compared to say... Vietnam. Immediately you would cite specific... specific reasons, variables, elements, ACTUAL occurrences, etc. to substantiate the "substantial" differences between the two conflicts.

Likewise, I feel its dishonest, ill-willed, wrong-headed, irresponsible and incredulous to compare AA and Segregation. They are simply two different animals and YOU cannot prove that Whites are being discriminated against... And you definitely can't say it even begins to approach the discrimination that existed under segregation.

What college has absolute barred ALL Whites from enrolling (let alone being admitted)??

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