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Reply to "The FALLACY of the "COLORBLIND": False Theory & Bad Practice"

Hey maginate, my brother, what up man.

So, you talking about 'apples' now? Whats that mean?

Here, I'll post my post again, and see if you can find out where the apples are:

I agree Shebokoby, the issue is 'hyped' for as long as I can recall. There are those who profit from the racism industry, and there are those who maintain power if they can convince enough people that racism is hiding behind every corner, and in every aspect of life. If there is no racism, then how many people lose their jobs, causes, and political offices and power? How many times have you heard a politician 'claim' they gonna fix, or at least 'fight' against racism? Many I can assure you. Its so nice to have such a big threatening 'enemy', who never goes away, and have no way to 'measure' progress of success with.

These polticians and crusaders can practice their art infinitely, continue to profit from racism, and make everyone 'believe' they are doing something for everyone, although things hardly ever change in reality, do they.

And you are right I believe concerning the 'interpretation' of what is meant by 'a colorblind society'. It is actually a description of the prohibiton against allowing RACE to seep into LAW.

Laws should not tilt in favor of any 'race', and thats all that 'colorblind' means. Listening to some these folks, you'd think it means everyone walking around and being forbid to see one's color. Nothing is further from the truth.

Sometimes I get the feeling that some people think a 'colorblind society' is a society where everyone is walking around with blind folds on. But thats not what the term means at all, its strictly describing fair and impartial LAW without legistlating favoritism towards a 'race'.

Theres probably noone here who says LAW should be tilted to favor a race. So in reality they agree with the 'colorblind society' all the while bitching about it.