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Reply to "The FALLACY of the "COLORBLIND": False Theory & Bad Practice"

I just finished saying in an earlier post that the discrediting of the theory did NOT make everything better. Among the lesser-educated, who ate that crap up with a spoon because they didn't know any better, the idea STUCK. That is why there still are white supremacist motherf****ers referring to "the mud people." (that is, if "LAW AND ORDER" is any indication...) They believe the others are not human because they believe whites are "more evolved"--the fallacy never got exposed with that crowd. Or they steadfastly cling to it for reasons known or yet unknown. Probably because they are MENTALLY UNBALANCED.
Sorry SHEBA...

I don't by your thesis.

There is no hard and fast direct correlation to education and racism. RACISM is a CHOICE that even the most "educated" can make. As a matter of fact, the "science of the day" whether in the distant or recent past used it's "intellect" to prove exactly what they wanted to believe. That is still in most respects how scientific inquiry starts. A person basically sets out to prove what it is they believe in the first place.

That's works for both the pro's and the con's. Only the few that are objective enough to challenge their own preconceived notions will seek out as much truth as there is and "let the facts decide"... If you believe otherwise, then I feel that you are being very naive.

When Africans alone were made into slaves here in the US, there was a conscious decision made that wasn't based on "ignorance" Racism. No, a more sanitary logistical Racism created what is called racial slavery which followed an era where Blacks and poor Whites were treated "equally" as indentured servants.Now... tell me Christianity wasn't forced by hook or by crook!!!

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