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Reply to "The FALLACY of the "COLORBLIND": False Theory & Bad Practice"

yes I have the nerve to quote Rush. WTF is wrong with that? You quotin Malcolm X like it's going out of style.
If you equate Malcolm X to RUSH then I see why you have your perception problems.

I quoted Malcolm X to you in one thread and now I'm quoting him like "he's going out of style"... Note that I did so basically at your request.

AH... could you add some substance to your remarks.
Your opinion that Darwainism "made racism worse" and the implicit idea that since it has been supposedly discredited then everything is better now is seeing life through rose colored glasses. Like I said, that theory was just one of many attempts to justify and not necessarily to solidify racism. Racism has been and would have been rock solid with or without it...

But I'll let you think that it really changes things...

The fact that someone had to be convinced that those theories were/are baseless (when they continue to draw attention... Can you see BELL CURVE... BEST SELLER!!) should show you that people were apt/quick to believe that and still are.