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Reply to "The FALLACY of the "COLORBLIND": False Theory & Bad Practice"

Oh wise and intelligent SHEBAKOBY...

Could you tell us what COLORBLINDNESS is "really about"??... I mean in practice, DON'T just quote me meaningless THEORY!

Could you tell me if it could have some "unfortunate side-effects"? (I believed you talked about something like that before.)

And could you please tell what makes a person and a SOCIETY racist or not? You seem to call most any observation of racism as someone "looking for racists in imagined dark corners" when they are speaking about very openly held views, opinions and attitudes we all are aware of.

How do you suppose racism can be eradicated??

It is my opinion that we should focus on securing those things the will eradicate or significantly minimize the effects of racism.

The issue is then on the WILL to do what it takes... and White America has been too long too much opposed to any such thing, IMO.