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Reply to "The FALLACY of the "COLORBLIND": False Theory & Bad Practice"

. Nmaginate provided you with links to the words of MLK but now you are silent on that issue.
I won't belabor the issue but I had noticed the Tough Talk has stopped...

COMPARING AA to brutal segregation is a slap in the face of our ancestors and any intelligent person. HOW IN THE HELL IS AA which has been proven to give MORE benefits to White Women as well as benefits to other minorities, White men that are veterans and disabled be any were near the EXCLUSIVE form of segregation that was specialized for African-Americans ALONE??

This is not even the proverbial comparing of Apples and Oranges... It's simply something that does in no way meet any criteria for comparison.

Speaking of APPLES...
    Family A aquires a share of food goods including One Apple A Day for 4 weeks straight. Family B is prohibited from acquiring Apples until the first 4 weeks of distribution. After the initial 4 weeks both Family A & Family B acquire the food ration at the rate of One Apple A Day.

    How long will it take for Family B to acquire the same amount of Apples as Family A?

    If it is determined that Family B should NOT have been prohibited from aquiring the food ration of Apples what must be done to off-set the imbalance?

    [a] Do nothing. Things are fair now. So Family B is not really disadvantaged or wronged by the past since everything is working fine now.

    [b] Allow Family B the opportunity to acquire the amount of Apples it was prohibited from gaining in order to achieve parity with Family A. In other words, commit to a process that will "EQUAL" out them Apples.

    [c] Offer/allow Family B to get a lump sum "Apple BackPay" or "Apple PayBack" in order to catch-up to Family A.
I know I'm repeating myself, but JOHNNY SARG. needs this kind of education... Big Grin