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Reply to "The FALLACY of the "COLORBLIND": False Theory & Bad Practice"

That has been an interesting debate lately Noah. The concept that by tilting the laws, albeit unconstitutional, in 'our' favor, this will resolve racism's 'favoritism' of the past. Its the concept that the 'gubment' should correct 'inequality' by promoting 'inequality'.

The biggest problem with that, as I see it, is that there are no more 'gubment' laws that can be passed to address inequity or discrimination. All of that has been done. Race has been declared an improper determiner of priviledge OR punishment. And these things were done primarily at OUR OWN behest and demands.

Now we come to see some of us who say, "er, eh, um, wait a minute! I'm not fully for prohibitions against raced based preferences"

Huh?? Wha..?? WTF......

Now Black folks fought long and hard to achieve civil rights and rid the law of racial discrimination and bias in law. Now we come back and say, oh no thats not what we really wanted afterall.

Colorblindness in law was implemented a long time ago. This is not something that has just come up lately. The position you are actually espousing is that some 'race' discrimination should be tolerated, no matter how unconstitutional it may be.

Tell me folks, are we NUTS? Do we know our asses from a hole in the wall? So now lets work against the achievements of our past heroes and reverse what they fought for, a nation that does not put race above character, does not see race in the legitimate adminstration of law. Lets use 'race', at our discretion, if it's perceived to 'benefit' us.

I mean, whats the difference between that view and what white racists who passed Jim Crow laws said and did? They made the argument that racial preference is permissable, and now we are saying the same thing???

We really need so much 'gubment' help that we can't achieve what we want on our own? We really so 'fragile' and 'helpless' as a people? We still do not know that its education, hard work, and staying out the joint that are prerequisites to success??? We don't live in a socialist nation, the 'gubment' cannot hand out motivation, good work ethics, or talent.

Come now, surely we are a better people than this.