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The FALLACY of the "COLORBLIND": False Theory & Bad Practice

    Color blindness suggests that we are literally sightless to the struggles of color. Color blindness is similar to blind faith, blind attempt, blind loyalty, blind fate, blindfold, and even blind date because they all suggest purposely impairing one of our five senses until we surrender all preparation, knowledge, and control when entering certain situations...[i]
Those are the words of Carol Chehade, author of [i]"Big Little White Lies: Our Attempt to White-Out America".

I want to field the perspectives that the brothers, sisters and others have on the COLORBLIND concept as it applies to our society, AA and the overall issue of race...

It seems as if the most conservative elements in society seem to be embracing COLORBLINDNESS as the staple philosophy of MLK, despite very explicit and elaborate statements that demonstrate Dr. King's advocacy for AA & Reparation type of programs - theses very similar to contemporary advocates for both ideas.

Debate, Discuss, Deliberate...

    "At the heart of this project
    is the continuing quest to free ourselves...

    an ongoing search for models of excellence
    and possibilities within our [African] culture by which
    we speak our own special *human* truth to the world and
    make our own unique contribution
    to the forward flow of human history.
    - Dr. Maulana Karenga

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