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Reply to "The Effect of Public Schools on Our Kids"

thanks for your response Rowe. You made some good points.

Yes I have been reading the other threads...and I wondered whether these issues get discussed much between teachers themselves on a day-to-day basis also? I guess it depends on the dynamics and politics of that group of teachers.

I'm glad to hear there are monthly workshops - that's impressive. And, I imagine, a good opportunity to talk with and meet a wide range of teachers from different schools and perspectives.

I'm curious merely as a bystander, how people learn, what influences their behaviour and attitudes, developing their individuality and creativity, etc. especially in children - so a lot of the responsibility falls on the adults they meet - primarily school and family, but also from all walks of life.

I almost went in to remedial teaching after school, but changed direction into the arts.

I've met more teachers in my adult life who have lost that passion, sometimes very early on in their careers. With a mindset like that, I despair at the room full of children they teach.

It's obvious that you are passionate about teaching - it beams out! kiss