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Reply to "The Effect of Public Schools on Our Kids"

Originally posted by James Wesley
A society should not be reconstructed to the 'new kid'.

I understand the argument being made here, clearly. However, we have not been discussing how school systems should educate "a" new kid. We are talking about the education of a swarm of children from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds who are flooding public schools in unprecedented numbers. Therefore, one cannot stubbornly insist that we ignore this reality by teaching in the old ways that are traditional and comfortable for us. Instead, we must adjust to these changes, as many schools have already done. With regard to the management of society in terms of their being a dominant language, I think we have a long ways to go before English language speakers become the language minority.---Rowe

I think you know I did not mean a single 'kid'. Nor did I say we 'teach in the old ways'.

There has always been a 'cry' that 'We are being 'inundated by foreigner'.

I did say the 'rule of immigration' is the first generation is lost.

I now submit that there is a good reason for that position. The responsibility to adapt rests with the immigrant, regardless of origin.

This is not saying society should not extend (openly) those benefits that intended to help.

But it does not mean a nation composed of immigrants takes on the persona of each new wave.

If insisting on maintaining the society is stubborn, I call it survival.


Jim Chester