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Reply to "The Effect of Public Schools on Our Kids"

Brother James, the "societal standard by which we are governed" has and is going to dramatically change. I recently watched a nightly news program that featured a progressive school where the teachers were teaching Kindergarten students how to speak Japanese! I forget where the school was located; however, the school's principal admitted to selectively seeking teachers who were bi and tri-lingual, because these teachers, he said, "Will be the most sought after educators in the very near future."---Rowe

I don't think you are saying 'bi', and trilingual teachers will become the dicipline standard.

I am reminded that I went to a high school that recommended, and taught, Latin for the student looking to go to college.

Latin was abolished from the curriculum.

I went to a school that REQUIRED two semesters of German in the School of Chemistry and Physics, because so much of the technical literature was written in German.

German was abolished from the curricula.

I was speaking of societal standards. My point is that if a society is to survive there has to be control over what is dominant language of that society.

The practitioners of every language will want thing to be their way, AND in their language.

A society should not be reconstructed to the 'new kid'.


Jim Chester