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Reply to "The Effect of Public Schools on Our Kids"

Originally posted by SistahSouljah:
Originally posted by Shadow:
The home is where it starts.

When a child leavs the home, they should be ready to learn what the teacher has to offer. All this
bull about learning styles is bull.

THouands of black kids learned from one black sistas at a time back in the day in Fifty kid filled rooms.

SChools don't make badd children, Homes do.

If the schools are not teaching what is require by parents, and businesses, they should vote for people that will and stop voting for people because they lie. And teach their own chidlren.

If you're children are not ready for school, why send them? It is a parents job to raise their children, It is the childs job to learn.

"Spare the rod & spoil the child"
This means to spare the staf of knowledge, and you will spoil the child rotten. They will be
evil and stupid.

"our culture peculiarly honors the act of blaming, which it takes as the sign of virture and intellect' >>L. Trilling

I don't completely agree with this. You seem to believe that there is no such thing as a bad teacher or a bad school.
>>>BAdd teachers? TEAChers who are not up to par, can be dismissed. Parents who vote for
the right person, can effect change.What makes a badd teacher? Not teaching enough, not teaching so the children can learn? AGain, Children
should be ready to learn what ever the teacher is teaching.<<<<
Bad schools, what makes up a school? BAdd children. Which comes from home.<<<<<<

I agree that what goes on in the home is the beginning to what could be a good or bad education for a child, but if a teacher is not doing his or her job, has not had the proper training, etc., how is this the parents' fault?
See Above answers^^^^^

Public schools nowadays are so desperate for teachers that they are hiring almost anyone without proper screening, and damn sure without proper qualifications.

>>>>>>Again, the parents doing. If parents would spent the time to educate themselves about who they are voting for. Better adminstrators who be haired, hence better qualifiy teachers whould be hired. Parent spent more time talking on cell phone about nothing, such as Hollywierd, then they do about learning to vote. ANd spending time at their childrens schools.
PS> Where are all the black revolutionarys in teaching colleges? no where to be found.
They leave the teching of our children up to
white Liberals women. Who don't like your children very much.<<<<<<<<

And as far as learning styles, it has been proven time and again that different people (not just children) learn better in different ways. I prefer a verbal and tactical approach, while others may be more tuned in with their auditory learning skills. Every person is different.

I posted that back in the day, one black sists taught a class room full of children, fifty or more, in one room schools. ALl ages.
So how did we get so many bright old folks today?
Learning style are in every class room today.
Hearing>>>The teacher speaks.
Sight>>.The teacher writes on the board.
Understanding from what one heards sees and touches?>>>Books aloud touching, items of every kinds can be used to show,exambles of the lessons. Hence tatical teaching.
Learning styles excuses are nothing more than
a way to get more funding.

Funny! our children have no problem of listening to a song once, and be able to write,
sing and express it to others? with no teacher.
So! why can't our chidlren go to school and learn by listening, hearing, and seeing?

If parents want smart and intelligent children, who see the world in reality? Then it is up to them to make them that way. TEAch your children. And let the schools back up what they already know, and want to learn more.

"Once they got a whiff of some real knowledge--knowledge that was relevant to them--they educated themselves far better than any public school could have hoped to do.">>
"Nathan McCall in Makes Me wanna Holler"
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