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Reply to "The Effect of Public Schools on Our Kids"

Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
It's a combination between a problem with the schools and the home. But I think more so a problem of the home.

My wife and I are both invested in our daughter's education. So the teachers know that we WILL be at every parent teacher conference, we attend most school functions, including monitoring on field trips when we can, we WILL review her homework EVERY NIGHT, we WILL be at the school the day after anything inappropriate occurs, whether the actor be the teacher or our daughter.

And, because of our investment, our daughter knows that she had better toe the line; as do her teachers.

I agree....I think it takes a little of both..a decent school system and actively involved parent(s).
But I think the home has a more powerful influence on how well children do...take for example my nerdy awakening at the age of 9 (i guess). It was solely due to my mother and the set of encyclopedia she bought just seemed to open a new world to me...the rest is history.
It was this love to read that got me thru the awlful public high school I went to while I was in Nigeria despite the absolute poverty my high school had...think of the open schools in Africa you may have seen on Discovery, National Geo or HBO..that was my high school.
So, I plan on being very actively involved in my future children's school.