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 @ Brotha Jalil......please whatever YOU do?  Don't be dissuade.  Continue to stand in YOUR truth.  There is a history on this board of those who think they KNOW it all but not enough to HELP their own people. They will fight tooth and nail to tell both massa versions of the truth regarding slavery.  And will insult any black person who think outside of that.  Sound familiar? 


I've been on this board for several years and have fought and debated with almost everyone who arrogantly TRIED to dismiss my knowledge to grand stand their own as if somehow someway theirs was FACT and mine conjecture but it NEVER stopped me nor will it ever stop me for THINKING for myself no matter how many LINKS they provide to susbstantiate[sp]   their version of the truth...cuz those links?  Are in fact someone else's version, OPINION, conjecture.....and not evidence or fact. 


These folks will continue to DISRESPECT you and try to minimize your knowledge just like massa has taught them,   There is a word back in the day to define such behavior.  Pleassssssssssse don't  give these FOOLS that power.  Your graciousness inspires me cuz unlike them you give them much respect....they REALLY don't deserve?   They are brainwashed bullies and egocentrics who have a blind eye to the truth.  This conditioning causes them to not being able to recognize the [authentic] truth if it SLAPPED them right in the face.  Testimony is how they can ignore the suffering of black people today.   


As I stated many times, my father was a Black Muslim, my mom a Christian. So you can image the various information and heated arguments that were thrown against the wall in that household regarding whose God is the real God and etc and why we were in slavery.  So I'm used to this sort of self-destruction campaign of distraction from black people. Again...please don't let 'em wear you down. Cuz they will try.  Please know that it is NOTHING more than a smoke screen.  


 As you can see with me?  I don't give damn what they say.  Cuz its just lip service and is testimony that we as black people will continue to believe in the primitive mindset that has kept us in mental bondage for thousands of years. Some of these folks will continue to fight for massa and NOT their own people.  And really?  There's something very troubling about that....but!  Thank God there are black people over the centuries who thought outside of massas' slave book and demanded and got FREEDOM.  If we are to listen to fools like this?  We all would still be slaves.  


So in closing my brotha I want to welcome you and your stimulating point of view to the board-it's like a breath of fresh air.  We need more new ideas and perspectives up in this camp.  Cuz it's gettin old listening to the same old backward azz dogma that continues to keep black people in Africa.....slaves and captives in their own continent.  But!   

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I know this reply was intended for Jalil but the problem is that it was posted publicly, not in private. I am sure that it wasn't your intent to imply that I was arrogant for posting excerpts from the African Holocaust Society's web site (by black Africans, not massa), a Ghanian web site (by black Africans, not massa), and a paper written by a Native American (Cherokee) activist (not massa).


I made it a point to post links to articles that were unbiased and written by those who not only understand our plight but are living it. If those articles (by black Africans) were truly biased, they would have not stated that their fellow black Africans were (and still are) in the practice of enslaving their own. They would have omitted this fact altogether, and focused only on white European and white Arab enslavement of black Africans. If the Native American activist was truly biased, she would have focused only on the wrongs done to Native Americans, even by blacks in America, but she didn't. I found her article very interesting and unbiased. These are the type of articles I gravitate toward. None were opinions; they were facts with evidence to support them.


I am not brainwashed. My parents taught me the history of my people when I was a young child. It was not black history according to massa because it contradicted it. For this reason, I've never felt inferior to whites because I know them and their (hidden, true) history. I even know which tribe my ancestors belonged to on my mother's side because, like Alex Haley's family, some of our family history was taught down the line.


I am a very analytical person. It is my nature. I am not gullible. I don't swallow everything massa (or anyone) tells me, especially in regards to my people no matter where they are on this planet. I am not like some of my abysmally foolish and self-hating brothers and sisters who automatically dismiss any truth coming from their fellow black sister or brother but will accept the same truth if it comes out of massa's mouth. 


I am not on a self-destructive campaign. The only campaign I am on is to seek the truth and to share that truth with my people. Sometimes, the truth about ourselves is painful and unpleasant. We need to be honest and admit that we often treat one another badly. We are not saints. We are not perfect. Remember what happened in Rwanda between the Tutsi and Hutu?. Black Africans killing fellow Black Africans. Before Europeans and white Arabs stepped foot on African soil, there were black Africans killing one another in tribal conflicts.


Look at how we (black Americans) treat one another. Massa may be funneling drugs and guns into our communities but massa is not forcing us to use them against one another. Oftentimes, when I give a cheery hello to a fellow black sister (whom I have never met) in this near lily-white city I live in, the response I often receive is a dirty look or a roll of the eyes. Yet, these same black women would be quick to return the hello if I were white. We are seriously deluded if we don't believe that part of the reason we are in this condition is because of us


I have not been disrespectful to anyone on this site (including you) for expressing an opinion that differed from mine except the banned racist but only after he had annoyed me greatly. I make it a point to be respectful to my people, even when I disagree with them. If being disrespectful means simply not agreeing with someone else's viewpoint or opinion then I am guilty as charged. But like I said, I am an analytical person (science is my forte) by nature, so I am bound to disagree with an opinion that lacks facts or merit. 


I am not a bully. Not once have I jumped down anyone's throat or told anyone to shut up on this site (including you) for merely expressing an opinion that disagreed with mine. I did tell everyone on this site to ignore the racist, anti-President Obama homophobe that was haunting this site because he was being extremely disrespectful, insulting, and racist. If trying to put a stop to a racist's antics on a web site intended for black Americans makes me a bully then so be it.


I have not insulted (name-calling, etc.) anyone on this site (including you) for expressing a viewpoint or opinion that differed from mine except the racist and only after being provoked. In fact, on a thread similar to this one, I distinctly recall reminding everyone to be respectful of everyone's opinions even if they disagree


Again, I'm sure it was not your intent to imply that I am a brainwashed, primitive-thinking, self-destructive, insulting, arrogant, massa-loving, self-hating, disrespectful bully but that is exactly how your reply to Jalil came across.

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