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This supposed emphasis on facts seem to mean if anyone does not buy into the NOI approved narrative......

That is what happens when you don't take time to actually READ the literature in and about a given subject. Be it, economics, politics, cultural issues or history. 


The accusation of white supremacy comes from those within the field, Muslim and non Muslim and is not a product of a NOI narrative. I don't claim to be an expert in this area, but that's easy to come by.  Hell, even Chomsky talks about it.


Ironically the only one to introduce any theological element to this is you....and you even got that wrong.


This is not a competition of ideology.  I have not advanced NOI theological elements as an explanation not because I don't hold to them.  On the contrary there's a world of evidence before the introduction of such is necessary.  Now if you're THAT interested in the Mother Of Planes and the question over its 'reality' then you can search for the Japanese pilot who tracked and drew it in great detail (I've not heard any claim that he was secretly in the NOI). 


But again, that's beyond the scope of this particular issue   



There are many ways of READING things. When an adversarial religious leader, as in the video, warns that if anyone lifts a finger toward him,  the US will be smote by an  Ezekiel UFO or equivalent that brings a pause. Old Testament comic strip? For an illuminating contrast, I can’t imagine that the Dalai Lama would speak that way. World of difference. Despite differences, I leave off with sincere respect for you.