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Wait, I get it, you want to give a free pass and exclude Arabs and/or Muslims from the slave trade.



I guess someday people will actually read what I write and post here, but I'll try again for umpteenth time.  I have no interest in giving anybody a pass on anything.  However, that "non-pass" status is NOT a license to make up or rewrite history, based on suspicion or for the sake of an easy argument. 


@EarthAndSky...i agree.


Even Christians admit their part in Slavery, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and some even admit Christians crimes against humanity.


I don't understand, why you have such a problem with admitting that Arab Slave trade either existed the same say that the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade did and it's crimes against humanity and it's crimes against Black Africans in their own countries on their own continent.  None-Black people were not always in Africa anymore than White people have always been in North America.  


The Arab Slave Trade existed and still does and it was predominately Black people that they enslaved and in some Arab countries they are still enslaving Black people today.  Noting that Arabs also enslaved other races of people does not negate the fact that it was predominately Black people that Arabs enslaved.  And when I say "Arabs" I mean the people not indigenous to the African continent, but who migrated into northern Africa centuries ago.  


I know that technically, "Arab" denotes a nationality and not a race.


However, even the fact that [only] Black people, Africans, are still being held as slaves in certain "Arab" countries lets you know that it is also racial and racist.


The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was not initially racial, it became racial. 


[And, don't think because I don't agree with you or cannot either see or understand your point of view, that I in any way mean it as a personal attack on you as an individual, or that I don't respect your knowledge, opinions or perspectives on so many things].