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But I guess someone has to keep the white supremacist frame going.


How is his telling the truth about what religions [foreign] religions have did to Africa and the Black race 'keeping white supremacist frame going'?  


It seems to me that the world's "three major religions" are what is keeping the White supremacist frame going".



You cannot tell the "truth" about white supremacy using the fictional framework that was produced BY white supremacy. 


Let's place the blame where it lies: With a small group of people lacking melanin. They've hijacked and corrupted all three of those religions.

No argument from me on this.

We've been teaching this for years (approx 80 or so) but there are still people who will 'fill in the blanks' concerning the actual history of religious and cultural developments with what makes for an easier argument (i.e. the 3 major religions are all foreign to Africa-therefore we need to reject it and be in opposition to it etc). 


And then there's the problem of Romanticism among revolutionaries (including but not limited to Black people).   



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  And since ALL three religions consider their cultures WHITE! know the story...but!


white people considered their culture to be proper and redefined the religious cultural, icons and avatars as white.


We then use their (white supremacist) re-definition as a starting point to combat the white supremacy they introduced.  The result is confusion over who and/or what to target and why.



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