Even Christians admit their part in Slavery, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and some even admit Christians crimes against humanity.


I don't understand, why you have such a problem with admitting that Arab Slave trade either existed the same say that the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade did and it's crimes against humanity and it's crimes against Black Africans in their own countries on their own continent.  None-Black people were not always in Africa anymore than White people have always been in North America.  


As I've pointed out time and again on this forum there is a HUGE difference in who and what people think they are talking and writing about whenever this issue comes up.  The short version is that the premise is false.  Now as a matter of history, you cannot assume that a slave system mirrors the U.S. slave system simply because its a slave system.  Its not a matter of justifying it or not, liking it or not...its a matter of getting the subject matter correct.  That is in addition to the conflation of the "Arab world" and "Muslim world". 


The Arab Slave Trade existed and still does and it was predominately Black people that they enslaved and in some Arab countries they are still enslaving Black people today.  Noting that Arabs also enslaved other races of people does not negate the fact that it was predominately Black people that Arabs enslaved.  And when I say "Arabs" I mean the people not indigenous to the African continent, but who migrated into northern Africa centuries ago.  

This is again is a problem with the subject in general.  If where going to discuss slavery on the African continent we can't skip around or start with narratives, definitions that don't hold on any historical examination.  The OP thesis is an example of this.  Although its 11 years hold, we see the attitude and conclusion drawn from it.  The "3 major religions" are treated as foreigners entering Africa when the exact opposite is the case.  Now how many people today start from that point of view?  Does it hold up on analysis?



I know that technically, "Arab" denotes a nationality and not a race.


However, even the fact that [only] Black people, Africans, are still being held as slaves in certain "Arab" countries lets you know that it is also racial and racist.


The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was not initially racial, it became racial.


I'm not getting what history is being "re-written" by stating particular facts.   

Its the same narrative re-writing that causes people to associate Rock n Roll as "white peoples music" despite the fact that Black people originated it.  EarthAndSky has posted several good links on this in addition to several lectures I've posted from Wesley Muhammad who has no less than 4 books and numerous articles on this exact issue and then some. 



[And, don't think because I don't agree with you or cannot either see or understand your point of view, that I in any way mean it as a personal attack on you as an individual, or that I don't respect your knowledge, opinions or perspectives on so many things].


Oh without question.  I don't see, sense or take it that way at all. 


However, I do know that based on the way conversations on this issue continue here, material I've posted has (for whatever reason) gone ignored, or not understood.   That is especially notable and sad when the inevitable accusation of my "not wanting to with....accept involvement...etc etc' is tossed in my direction.


Slave systems are social institutions.  They are institutions that I don't like, but me liking them or not isn't material to understanding how they function (past or present) in its proper context.  


In other words.....


We cannot justifiable fumble around with the facts, get things half correct or 100% wrong and then declare our mistakes trivial because "its all crimes against humanity, and all of it is wrong anyway".  If we're going to talk about it for the sake of telling the truth, and waking up Black people etc etc, then we have a responsibility to get it correct.    





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