Seriously, this needs to stop. How can we condemn white racists for demonizing all blacks when we do the same to others? There are criminals who happen to be black. Is it right or even true to assume all blacks are criminals? What about blacks who happen to be Christian or Muslim? Are they criminals, too? These types of global or absolute pronouncements, in reference to human beings, are inherently false!


1. Red flags should automatically be raised when someone feels compelled to promote a belief at the expense of another or to build one's beliefs up by tearing down another. For example, an Atheist can state why he or she does not believe in God without insulting the beliefs of those who do. Unfortunately, too many Atheists (in my experience) feel the need to insult those who believe in God, which makes them come across as bigoted and crass.


2. Most Arabs are black! Not all Arabs are Muslim.


3. The majority of Muslims do not live in the Middle East!


4. I have a Bible and a Quran, in my possession, nearby. Neither Islam nor Christianity promotes or condones slavery. Do you honestly believe Jesus or Prophet Muhammad would have been in favor of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade?


People were (and still are) involved in the slave trade, not religions. People used religion as an excuse to enslave their fellow human beings. The Book of Revelation talks about those claiming they are one thing but are not but are in the house of Satan. These are lying hypocrites. This is really important: Most people during the time of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade were illiterate. They could not read the Bible any more than they could read the Quran. This allowed wicked people to deliberately misinterpret spiritual texts and use them to mislead the masses. Nowadays, there are more literate people than in the past. However, in this day and age, too many people are too lazy to find the truth out for themselves. They would rather be spoon-fed information, even if it is falsehoods and half-truths. 


5. In tarnishing Islam and Christianity, the author completely glossed over some of the unpleasant aspects of traditional African religious beliefs. Africa is a gigantic continent. Before Europeans arrived, there were many tribes and many spiritual belief systems. It wasn't only the five listed. Note that Christianity is a relatively new religion in Africa. The author, I noticed, didn't mention that female genital mutilation is practiced within the religions he cited; although, female genital mutilation is NOT a religious practice but a cultural one. Also, in some African tribes, you don't want to be accused of having brought an evil spirit into the community or be accused of being possessed by an evil spirit.


Then there is this horrific human tragedy going on (mainly in Tanzania):


Remember, people in glass houses should not throw stones. 


More info about religions in Africa:


6. Finally, the meaning of Islam is 'entire submission to the will of God.' In other words, anyone who submits to the will of (the-true-not-made-up-by-foolish-or-evil-people) God and obeys His (true-not-made-up-by-foolish-or-evil-people) law is by definition a Muslim, regardless of whether that person claims himself or herself to be a Christian, Jew, Yoruban, Rastafarian, etc. In this sense, Islam is not a religion at all but a way of life. How people go about practicing Islam (or any other religion for that matter) is a whole different story altogether. 

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