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Reply to "The Democratic National Convention"

President Obama is going to have to dig down deep to top what his wife just did.


Probably in the history of American first ladies speeches and first ladies around the world, arguably one of the best ever if not the best. 


In the Obama household, Michelle has bragging rights...and she knows it.


And Republicans heads are exploding everywhere.


I have been watching the media coverage and I don't like the fact that the media continues to sell the idea that Ann Romney is somehow comparable to First Lady Obama in the speech Ann Romney gave when she purposely left out of her entire narrative about her and Mitt's "struggling years as a young married couple while both attending college as Ann Romney puts it:


"Struggling" to make ends meet (both jobless) living in a $65 a month basement apartment eating tuna salad on an iron board and drying socks in the oven"....when Mitt Romney had according to Ann Romney, 'had several thousands" in free stock given to him by his father (CEO, American Motors) annually on his birthday.

Stock that went from $6 a share to $96 a share and they chipped off those stock shares periodically in order to make ends meet".


Let's do the math:


Ann Romney said that Mitt had "several thousands" in stock:




2,000 shares x $6 a share = 12,000.


Those same 2,000 shares x $96 a share = 192,000.

According to Ann, Mitt has way more that 2000 shares of stock.


And that doesn't include the accured interest; the capital distributions and dividends those investment make annually on those stocks.

Additionally Ann Romney's father was also rich.




The entire media knows this about the Romney's. They know that Ann Romney purposely lied to the American people and the world about her early life with Mitt as a struggling young couple.

They know full well that Ann Romney's is a life of priviledge, being spoiled and she married into a sweet heart deal with Mitt (and no oe is mad about that, just the repeating lies) but in order to keep the comparsions somewhat equal, they too have decided to keep this narrative alive, lie and refuse to tell the real truth the same as Ann Romney did to the American people.

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