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Reply to "The Civil Rights Movement is dead and the Hip-Hop Gen X'ers, need a reason."

quote: people need to focus inward and quit being the blocking for others who are trying to run the ball but do not want us to celebrate in the end zone or get a ring when they score a touchdown.... Kevin41

Damn!! I need like a $500 dollars intricately crafted frame, mounting and custom fitting to posterize that work of articulate art!

I wonder sometimes if poverty does build character....because as a people, we damn sure seemed to be more on the same page when we did not have anything.....and whats up with that?
Kevin, I think Segregation gave us (well at least 95% of us, those who could not 'pass') absolutely no delusions. No confusion about the fact that we had to depend on each other and no delusions that the "White Man's Ice Is Colder"... Heck, somewhere we knew that the "White Man's Ice" came along with an Ice Trick (sh*t that will melt away when the heat is on - read national economic well-being) if not an ICE Pick!

If somebody did get it twisted Whites were right there to slap some damn sense into the fool Negro. Apparently, Negroes today need that kind of tough love and direction.

It's a shame there might have to be signs to tell Negroes what to do with their whole life and what their "place" [purpose] is.