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Reply to "The Civil Rights Movement is dead and the Hip-Hop Gen X'ers, need a reason."

We always forget that in order for anything to live and thrive it must be nurished and cared for.
We forget that after the original activists in the Civil rights movement paved the way for Black, AND ALL the other minorities in this country, women, the poor, etc., --all of the people that the civil rights leaders paved the way for in this country just strolled or raced down the newly paved road of civil rights and justice without looking back.
Everyone took advantage of the doors opened by the civil rights movement in instant and self-serving ways.
Once someone else paved the way for so many, the many had no intentions of looking out for anyone else other than themselves the same way they had been looked out for.

The civil rights movement opened up opportunities and caused positive changes in this country for all of America's oppressed groups in housing, employment, entertainment, sports, immigration, education, women's rights, gay rights, and on and on; but, after after African Americans primarily, along with others in this country who truely believed in equality and justice FOR ALL suffered imprisonment, beating, humiliations, torture and death to bring it about, it is primarily the African Americans that still suffer the most oppression in this country, however, now with the help of the people who have benefitted from their efforst and suffering: women (whom often are racist against blacks as some men are sexist against women)
Minorities that are in the this country now by the millions, who before the civil rights movement brought about change in discrimination in all areas, including immigration and naturalization, now it is other minorities and new immigrants to this country that eagarly jump on the white racist's bandwagon as well.
Some of the riches African Americans in this country are in the entertainment industry or the sports industry, however, blacks in the entertainment industry, rather than use the position as a platform to lift up our people are usually the main one perpetuating the worst stero-types of African Americans--not to mention how little money they actully give to poor communities that most of them come from.
Professional Athelets, with all of their millions of dollars often donate very little to their own African American communities or to African American children and teenagers that buy their products and where the people in this country to make sportwear, sneaker, etc., that these athletes push such a popular gear, that it is now just considered "casual" wear.
Gays in America, that have suffered a nealy parrallel oppression and discrimination as Blacks, are often just as racist against blacks as homo-phobic heterosexuals are homo-phobic against gays.

That just a few of the things that have kept the "civil rights" movement from moving forward, beyond the point that the original activists got it to.
Another thing that young people in particular have to understand also when assuming that the civil rights movement/leaders have forgotten about them or have not addressed their concerns, it that during the civil rights movement, IT WAS THE YOUNG PEOPLE that where many of the civil rights leaders, demonstrator, movers and shakers.
Most of our leaders are old and tired and have waited longer than they should have already for the next generation to take their place, but the next generation has not come through.
Even soldiers get tired, get old, retire, and die.