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Reply to "The Civil Rights Movement is dead and the Hip-Hop Gen X'ers, need a reason."

What about our other "leaders"? The NAACP can't be taken seriously by a youth movement sophisticated enough to recognize media hat-tricks and ignore the roars of paper tigers. The NAACP is a once-proud organization that has become less a force for change than a gang of bourgeois Negroes with just enough media sex appeal to harass the establishment about penny ante-ness. --jimi iZreal

our elders have left us with colorful T-shirts but little else. -- jimi izreal

EbonyRose: You're right VOLUMES!!

Izreal is saying that this generation has exactly what we gave them -- T-shirts and slogans. I might add --- Color.

The Civil Rights Movement won the war of OPEN REPRESSION. But without achieving identity.

But black history, as glorious as it was, is the past. Our generation is the present. And as we fly into a tailspin of disorganization and confusion, there doesn't seem to be enough black history in the world to help us. The next generation got lost in the rush to middle-class status. --- jimi izreal

Sound without substance.

Recognition without identity.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.