Reply to "The Black Matrix: The Social and Psychological Warfare Against Black America"

"........We're lead around 'by the nose' by this media because we are ALLOWING ourselves to be!!  If we could decided to advance even an iota of pride ... those types of negative images would be up in smoke and out the window before you could blink!" by EbonyRose


Indeed.  Without a ready supply of gullible customers garbage won't sell, or if a few sales take place, there won't be enough customers to make it worthwhile to produce, market, distribute and sell goods or services that are substandard or inferior. 


The solution is a simple one. Raising the bar and increasing the demand for well written material, songs, or other products and services that do not degrade/devalue the black community, will send a strong message to the business community that the sale of material that is demeaning and disrespectful to blacks will no longer be profitable.


It just so happens, out of greed to make an unethical living at the expense of the U.S. born segment of Black America........Rick Ross, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Tyler Perry, etc., etc., have allowed his or her self to be used to produce degrading songs, Stepin Fetchit

like movies, etc., etc.,  by the actual major financial players in the music and entertainment industry......various recording studios, BET, Sony, Steven Spielberg (some of degrading material produced by Tyler Perry has been financed by Steven Spielberg) etc., etc.


BET, music promoters, Rick Ross, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, rap artists, etc., etc., are producing, singing and playing what sells in the black community. The day that black people stop purchasing degrading music, music and video DVDs that depict blacks in a demeaning and disrespectful way is the day that this will cease or slow down.


As the black customer base that purchases music, video, or any other product that is constructive or depicts the black community in a favorable light increases you'll find fewer BET business executives, business establishments, music promoters, Rick Ross, Beyoncés, Jay-Zs, rap artists, musicians, singers, actors, actresses, directors, etc., etc., promoting or financing garbage to sell to a much smaller segment of blacks who have the interest in buying "trash" within the black community, because targeting the black community to sell "junk" will no longer be profitable.


Trashing black people, and the reality of inner-city black on black  treasonous activity (bragging about senseless maiming or killing of namely U.S. born Blacks, embarrassing and disgraceful sexual perversion or promiscuity, endless profanity, show casing of how best to be the worst example of what an individual can be toward his or her own community) is extremely profitable to every other community but the black community. 


Unfortunately other individuals or business entities(BET, etc., etc.) are making a financial killing off of the much smaller financial profit that Rick Ross, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Tyler Perry, etc., etc., reap from promoting music or movies that generally portray U.S. born blacks as being inhumane, un-American, untrustworthy, criminal, sleazy, ignorant, sexually promiscuous, spineless, foolish, simple minded, dysfunctional, university educated but still dysfunctional, habitual liars, lazy, uncouth, disrespectful to especially other black people, beyond backwards, destructive, arrogant, selfish, corrupt, lower than the lowest primate, un-civilized, etc., etc.


....and then you have university educated black college professors teaching un-American subject matter that keeps many gullible blacks who blindly accept a mountain of BS at face value without challenging the misleading material or message being expressed, which insures that the U.S. born Black and gullible will continue to be stupid and defenseless.


Unlike Dr. Umar Johnson and numerous other blacks who do not place value in his or her U.S. citizenship, in contrast I value U.S. citizenship, and the Constitutional protections that are associated with being a U.S. citizen.  Even illegal immigrants attempt to protest whenever they believe his or her Constitutional rights are violated, and these individuals don't have any Constitutional rights because illegal immigrants are neither citizens or legal immigrants, but they still have more sense than many U.S. born Black men and women who are citizens, but who devalue his or her citizenship. 
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