Reply to "The Black Matrix: The Social and Psychological Warfare Against Black America"

Sista ER wrote: 

This article is especially blasting the racist, primarily White/Jewish-owned mainstream media for it's bombardment of negative images of Black people.  And rightly so!!   But ... then how do you explain BET???  Bob Johnson - a Black man -  on (what was supposed to be) a Black-owned TV station (that should have been) for the benefit of Black people ... was responsible for over two decades of some of the most sick, disgusting, perverted, self-degrading images broadcast to Black people.




  You AINT never lied my sista! [I didn't see your post for obvious reasons...but anyway]  And that's why I took offense when that heifer who owns ONE network talked that shyte to Oprah about her not being her league  What league? She had the opportunity to do good things in black programming but DIDN'T until she was challenged by Oprah's style when she came on the scene.


And why'd he do it??  M.O.N.E.Y.  Period.    The SAME reason it's done by anybody else!!


Yep!  Sho you right!  Ha.    And you're right most of those shows on BET were disgusting.  Absolutely.  The only program I could digest a little was "Apollo."  And they changed that and moved it around, cancelled it and brought it back until I didn't know what the hell was going on.  I stopped searching for it and start looking at Dave Chappelle[to my dismay].  But I like Dave but at the time couldn't stomach some of his sketches.  But hell there wasn't ANY good black programming on the scene where I could sit and watch it with my family.  None. 


Parents should not have allowed their kids to watch that sickness.  Parents should not have allowed themselves to watch that kind of disgusting smut!!  It would have been a WHOLE new ballgame had Black people not supported that crap!!  Either there would have been no BET ... or there would have been different programming!  Because Bob broadcast what he did because it was profitable!!  So why would he change the dynamics?? 


This brotha didn't hava conscious or a memory.  A conscious for his black people who died before him and the memory of remembering who GOT him there in the first place by proxy-sho couldn't being doing this as a slave or a sharecropper or a janitor that's for sure.  So he didn't give a shyte.  It was about that almight dollar. Yep!  And he proved it every time he didn't give a fock about black folks by the crap he allowed on his network.  And what's so ironic none of the black leaders said any damn thang about it.  Not one word from the talented three:  Jackson, Tavis, West.  They could have used that forum to incite, educate and expose a lot of knowledge....but!  Didn't.  

And an even better question is .... why didn't we?? 


Good question.  Cuz we can't be unified long enough to light a match.  That's why.  Or long enough to have something done to his "balls" as Jackson once suggested regarding the first black man close enough to get to the white house.  Cuz why?  Everybody wanna be a chief....nobody want to be an Indians.  No working together for us...that's why my sista.  And all the while we're scramblin, these hispanic stations throughout the country are blowing up the mother big time....and everywhere!  But us?  We too busy hating on  each other which is typical behavior.  And massa and every body else knows this.  And that's why I don't care what Oprah put on her network, I'm gonna make sure that I turn to it at least 4 times a day EVERY DAY so her ratings can be with the top contenders,  I'm gonna support her efforts.  That's what other cultures do.  Why shouldn't we?  Cuz many of us are focking crazy that's why.  We a lotta things to ourselves.  But!