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Africa allowed her people to be kidnapped and made no provisions of any kind to take them back.  Nowhere on this planet other than Africa, would this have been allowed.  We're not where we belong and we're suffering that.  We've taken on the mannerisms of the slaveholders, hair, style, bleaching creams, crazy as fluck and we're owned hook, line and sinker.  We've become a bunch of African "White" people.  We're a sorry gang of misfits; no country, no respect.  A gang of "minorities"; "Lesser thans" is what we're called, and we're alright with that. 400 years of Caucasian terrorism and we call ourselves AFRICAN-AMERICANS.  Our mental issues cannot be solved in any way possible.  We're beyond help from any other human beings living on this planet.  We'll all be equal in death.  That's it!!

That is not entirely true.  All the Black people kidnapped and held hostage in slavery have constantly and consistently fought against it, fought to free themselves, fought to free others, fought to change laws regarding slavery, since the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.


When you look at how vastly large the continent of Africa is and even the span of West Africa in particular, you understand that Africans involvement in the Slave trade was only a drop in the bucket.  Even those that did participate in selling other Africans into slavery were put in a position of either produce slaves or be taken into slavery, hell, Europeans had built armed forts in these very places.  So, it was like if thugs kick in your door and tell you that if you do not produce someone to take their place, they are going to blow their children's brains out or take them into slavery, along with your wife, mother, father, yourself.  Most of the slaves produced by Africans were from enemy tribes or people who had commited crimes against society, or were in fact already slaves, because in some parts of Africa, just like in Europe, slavery did exist.  But, the millions of African lives perished to European slavery did not happen because some Africans kept enemies captured in battle instead of killing on the spot, nor because of the threat if they themselves being enslaved.  The vast majority of slaves kidnapped into the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade were taken by force at gunpoint by European slavers. 


Also, there have been and still are African countries that have beckoned Black people back to Africa, that have opened their doors, some, like Ghana have offered very nice incentives for African Americans to come there to live. 


People keep trying to spread the mis-information and lies that it was Africans that sold other Africans into slavery as if that is the jist of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  This is done to absolve Europeans of the being the people that have committed the most agregious crimes against humanity.  If they can say "Africans did it too", that is supposed to take their ancestors out of their true light. 


[Propaganda is used to make people believe things that are not true and to shape people attitudes about other groups of people and about themselves, and primarily to serve as a divide-therefore-conquer wedge between those groups]


  ......  Amen to alladat!!