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Reply to "The Black Heterosexual Dilemma"


IMHO, the best thing black men can do to combat racism is form a resistance towards it. There is no REAL revolution without a strong, social, communal, and political partnership between the two sexes. However, both parites are justifiably reluctant to come to a middle-ground, because of their lack of trust in eachother.

In essence, we view eachother as the opposition. That's why we get these crazy fanatics spouting stuff like 'black women are holding black me down', and 'there is a shortage of black men'. Each side can come up with loaded and biased statistics to attack the opposition. There is no solidarity. There is no true bond. The fierce opposition towards one another, and the confusion, is sustained in part by the lack of understanding and appreciation for the need of a social interdependancy.

If there were a movement to 'raise the white-flag' on behalf of black men, I myself would be apart of that effort. Somethings got to give.

It is difficult to say when or if either side with raise the white flag because...

Black women are paranoid that if they lay down the spear of feminism, they will lose their freedom, and be forced into submission.

Black men are afraid that if they lay down the sword of patriarchalism they will then be betrayed by black women because of their preoccupation of power.

If you don't care to agree or disagree, that's fine. But please read first, then respond.