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Reply to "The Black Commentator vs. The Wall Street Journal"

For a country that gets hated upon so much by folks the USA sure knows how to "break a Nigga off".

These people don't have a GOVERNMENT who is planning on injecting BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars into their areas in order to make their people whole and have them to return to a state that closely approximates the national STANDARD OF LIVING.
What the hell are you talking about?

What the hell is "The National Standard of Living", WHITE BOY?? And how does that BULLSHIT relate to the reality of things here in America?

Note: First, you will have to quantify what the "National Standard of Living (N-SoL)" is. Once you do that, with respect to whatever you're referencing (i.e. whatever it is that makes you call the SoL "national"), you will have to demonstrate how that is what is going on.

Don't PUNK out. Just substantiate your latest little WHITE BOY claims... OR... you know the move. STFU!!

Now, since I've resolved the issue over whether you're a PUNK vs. a PUSSY (you're both, that's clear)... Now, I'm trying to figure out whether you're "BLACK" or if you're more Polka Dot. You sure can't connect them. Oh, but you do love to rush, run and ramble on in DEFENSE and DEFERENCE.

YOUR TYPE was referred to explicitly. Always seeing THE WHITE as legitimate. Hmmm... With all that "Breaking Off", one would be lead to believe that this is WHITE'S PEOPLE country for them to do as they will and for "Niggas" to Buck Dance and rejoice for "catching a break" from the BRUTALITY that comprises the OVERWHELMING BULK of American History.
    sck Hell, don't them niggras know they could be gettin' their ass pounced?? Thoust Niggras Shalt Not Tempt Thy Master By Dare Displaying Hateration. tongue laugh
But, out of the kindness of their WHITE HEARTS, these White Folks, whom one called CONstructive Feedback categorically grants ownership and perpetual authority to, have, how do you say, "Chosen Not To Resort To Retribution."

You know, WHITE BOY... You're one funny, PUNK motherf@cka!! lol

Obviously, according to you, WHITE FOLKS (aka the USA by your implicit equation) have reason for "?RETRIBUTION?" and are, in essence, to be commended for their restraint even when "HATED ON" but Black Folk when and if THE OVERWHELMING BULK of American History (and the American present) gives every reason for Resentment, Rebellion and revolving/repeated reasons to pursue Retribution... with all those countless reasons and a persistant and still palpable National, USA Pasttime of being "HATED ON" (as listed in the snide White Supremacy laden remarks noted above)... AFTER ALL THAT... your self-proclaimed "BLACK" ass privileges WHITE via the USA by not even coming close to compliment the enormous restrain, resistance and composure Black people exhibit every day.

The fact that there isn't and haven't been Intifada after Intifada should SHUT YOUR LILLY ASS UP and caution your Casper Ass from trying to invert and transpose qualities from WHITE to BLACK and vice versa.

Not that it needs to be said... But ain't a damn thing interesting in the BULLSHIT you write. Matter of fact, it would be down right depressing if it wasn't so underwhelming amusing to see you lie prostrate, ready and willing to kiss those WHITE FEET.

No wonder why you don't have no mind... You're little snake ass don't even have a spine. No internal fortitude. Just an empty shell so easy dismissed and shot to hell.

But, go ahead... Work that shit out.
SUBSTANTIATE YOUR CLAIM. Talking Points and repeated BS ain't about shit.

The National Standard of Living? WTF is that?
I want to see the numbers. The N-SoL = ____ ?

Now, for every person, every Black person referenced in your Line of BS ("...BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars into their areas in order to... return [Black people] to a state that closely approximates the national STANDARD OF LIVING...")---> I want actual numbers that will show what bringing those people in NOLA will amount to and where that is in "THE PLANNING."

Obviously, you've been fuckin' with some of that Crystal METH or something. In any event, you place a whole lot of undeserved faith and give undue credit with a BULLSHIT premise -- i.e. "return to a state that closely approximates the national STANDARD OF LIVING."
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