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Reply to "The Black Commentator vs. The Wall Street Journal"

Here we find exposed the * delusional heart of whiteness. * Taranto would dismiss African American opinions on race wholesale as "extreme," "outlying," and "playing the race card."
And, since highlighted, African-American views then are, in Taranto's view, illegitimate or rather can only be legitimated when and if White people (a substantial minority of them, at least) hold the same views/perspectives or otherwise agree with so-called "appeals" from Black Folk.

Racist Arrogance or no, it is the very imposition of and/or insistence on WHITE SUPREMACY. White Views RULE. They are the norm, the standard bearer - The Measuring Stick. Or so it is implied.

I really don't think Taranto, or anyone subject to decry Black People's supposed use of the Race Card, would dare declare that White people's views must somehow achieve the same type of substantial buy-in from African-Americans in order for their views to be "legitimate" or non-extreme or non-detrimental, non-illogical, etc. I doubt very seriously any one of "THEM" (Black, White or Polka Dot) would subject White Views to that type of Filtering Scrutiny and shift away from a Euro-CENTRIC, WHITE Is The Center Of The World and All Else/Others Revolve Around WHITE view to one centered, based and viewed from someone else's perspective, much less a BLACK CENTERED, African/African-American CENTERED point-of-view.

Now, it is the Height Of RACIST ARROGANCE for White People, generally (or anyone speaking from that WHITE IS RIGHT and the CENTER perspective), to act like "THEY" are credible, much less much more credible than Black People (generally) when it comes to discussions about race seeking to clarify the race/racial/race-relations landscape in America. The proposition itself is absurd. As I have said some time ago:
    How White people, who have historically been on the WRONG SIDE of *race* (issues), can all-of-a-sudden act as if it is Black people who somehow have it all wrong when it comes to *race* is, simply, amazing. It is a betrayal of most every form of common sense and is in complete defiance of on-going realities and a host of easily, historically observed facts, occurrences and developments.
America's History alone makes the overwhelming majority of White people suspect to begin with when "THEY" (and all those speaking from that same noted perspective) dare act like "THEY" are authorities on a subject "THEY" are overtly adverse to even when claiming to speak, confidently, on the very subject "THEY" show themselves estranged to.

With all that said, I continued to Wonder Out Loud:
    Since it is suggested that a lot of the "founding fathers" and "great" White figures in American History (e.g. Jefferson, Lincoln, etc.) were as racist as they were due to them being Product of Their Times, is it also the case that White people today are as racially tolerant as they proclaim to be as a mere Product (or manner of acceptable outward behavior and mere verbal professions) of Their Times?