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Reply to "The Black Commentator vs. The Wall Street Journal"

This has to be the best op-ed I have read all year, albeit it is only the 13th of January.

Brother Bruce articulates all that was running through my mind as I was reading white folk commenting about Black folk on a white Blog this morning in regards to a report that was published in Seattle's paper yesterday about the difference in length and how often Black students are suspended and disciplined in School in relations to white students. The garbage that was coming out of these white folk mouth was simply amazing knowing that none of them have witness or experience any of that which they speak about and only know of that which they ascribe to the Black community by proxy; the proxy being the media in all its forms.

This statement by Brother Bruce exemplifies all that I am saying:

Black public opinion does not have to be legitimized by whites. The Black Consensus is not the voice of extremists and outliers. It is the prophetic voice that calls all of us, of whatever color, class and creed to responsible citizenship and real humanity. African Americans knew, presumably with near unanimity that slavery was wrong before most of white America would admit it. Our black grandparents and great grandparents were certain that convict leasing, Jim Crow and lynching were abominations at the same time the Supreme Court and white public opinion ignored or endorsed these practices. Were our forbears right all along? Or only when whites agreed with them?

The white supremacists have been wrong and will continue to be wrong even with the white supremacist Negro minions repeating all that is believed by the White Supremacist.

The difference between Black and white ideology is such that white folk depend on Black agreement with their racist ideology and they love to lift up the bootlickers as proof that their racist ideology is right, Black men and women rarely if at all use white agreement to our advantage because we know the truth we stand on and with is the TRUTH and do not need white agreement to be the TRUTH..

Big ups to Brother Bruce and the BC, I will definitely pay for the commentary they offer...


Here is the Link to the Blog, read the comments after reading the racist inuendo by the Blogger himself.