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Reply to "The Best Environment for the Development of Our Potential...."

Originally posted by ZAKAR:
No we shouldnt impose ourselves anywere, but we should begin to travel abroad study abroad , especially in Africa.

While I don't have that ability personally, I agree. Relating to each other, close up, will definitely improve our understanding.

I have many friends from all over the continent of Africa and the biggest problem between us is propaganda. Most brothers and sistas i know from the continent, deep down have a lot a of for africans in america and the diaspora.

',,,Africans in America and the diaspora.'

What is the difference, as you see it?

I perceive the African Diaspora' as those out of Africa against their will, and their descendants.

Once we begin to dig up our history , study who we are relate to our own the walls of ignorance will crumble. We are an african people you can hyphenate it , our add to it , but thats what we are. Look at the European, he may say he is an american ,but look at him globally he is a european and when decisions are made is it made in such a way in which it benifits the G8 where is our G8? Instead we just want to be accepted by these Europeans and hope one day they will say they are sorry for all they did to us and they now accept us as brothers and sistas. Never gonna happen.

I see your point.

A major result of reestablishing our ancestral nationality will be parity status as a participating member in Pan-Africanism.

We simply 'unclaimed orphans' participating simply because we are 'black'.

That is an insult to ourselves.

Reesstablishing our relationship with the nations of Africa must, not should, be as a freestanding ethnicity unique in our own right.

African American.


Jim Chester