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Reply to "The Best Environment for the Development of Our Potential...."

Originally posted by ZAKAR:
I think a better way to phrase this question is to simply ask, Are you an assimilationist, or Nationalist?---ZAKAR

I think that is a better question also.

Defintions are needed. Mine are:

Assimilationist: Development of the full parity of my/our ethnicity as African Americans.

Nationalist: Development of a separate government within the jurisdiction of the United States.

What have we gained so far in this country?


Citizenship, but not yet fulfilled.

Restored ethnicity as African Americans, and consequently reestablishing our ancestral nationality.

And growing.

is it worth the price our ancestors paid?

No. It is our (common) heritage and experience.

what would africa be like today if it hadnt been depopulated for Europes advancement.

We will never know. Certainly, it would be a group of nations of a much different profile.

The Atlantic Slave Trade was the foundation of the economies of three continents while decimating the economy of the continent of Africa.

How does our participating in this European Capitalist system benifit us.

I answered that in my preceding post.

By benifiting us in this country help our brothers and sistas on the continent or the rest of the african diaspora.

Historically, the better off we are as African American-Americans, the better off has been the circumstance Africans of all nations.

If there was land available for repatriation back to africa,would you go?

No. Many of us would choose to do so.

That is good.

If not why?

My heritage is here. All the people, I know, of my family are lived and are buried here. Their chosen investment is here, and they had the choice, at least, twice to leave.

I see no reason to throw my family away.

Others did that to us. Why in God's name would I do that to us?

Do you feel the possibilities of having ones own land and flag outweigh the so called comfortable position we have here in America?


My difference is that I concluded we deserve all of that here.

So...I designed a banner (see my avatar).

I wrote a 'Pledge of Unity'

I maintain a website to help support and advance our ethnicity in the language and construction of the society we live in.

these are the questions I would ask, but since you asked it I would simply say, Africans no where will be respected until Africa is respected as a Continent.

I believe that respect will nost greatly enhanced when we recognize ourselves, we Americans of unknown African ancestry, as the ethncity we are, and the ancestral nationality we have.

African America.


Jim Chester