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Reply to "The Best Environment for the Development of Our Potential...."

Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:
I think the answer is 'Yes'.

There does not need to be a particular argument to support 'living in another country'.

There are 35MM+ of us who openly declare ourselves to be of unknown African ancestry, wholly or in part.

Plus a similar number (it is estimated) who 'pass' knowingly or unknowingly.

If there is to be an argument, it will likely have to a plea for admittance.

Mr. Chester... there's an argument that needs to be made for those who do not see the value in living anywhere outside of America and want to know the reasoning behind such a statement.... There is an argument to be made who see no worth in the attempt to exploit opportunities here in America...

Yes. Where else would you suggest?
I would not..... I am not qualified to... I am not that well studied... hence the focus on asking those in this forum..... All I can offer is an opinion based off of speculation.... and fantasy..... This would lead me to some South Eastern Island near the Sudan....

Any argument. They are all valid.
Mr. Chester... Please share your thoughts.... What arguments are you aware of?

The first disadvantage I see is my/our loss of citizenship.

The second is our loss of equity from the investment we, and our ancestors have made in the currently most powerful civilization in the world.

It will be a disadvantage to have impose ourselves on the population and government of some nation that may not welcome the imposed 'diversity'.
Perhaps some happy medium of these ideas, then? There was never an intent to suggest the bombardment of another culture.... There's an idea and then there's method.... Here I was just considering the idea first...

If there is 'no place to be', we would be here.

It would look the same.
I disagree..... When given no options.... People can sometimes make vastly different choices... There hope springs eternal....