Reply to "The Arab slave trade: 200 million non-Muslim slaves from all colors and nationalities"

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Don't get mad at me because ya'll don't know what ya'll talking about. 


Blindly repeating things without even trying to understand them.



It's that little face ""that tells the real story. It's the prideful attitude that you think you know and others are ignorant. uh-huh. 

Nothing prideful at all. 


I haven't dismissed any perspective, on the contrary I've attempted to directly engage it.  This is why I asked first "what are you basing this on?"

I don't now, nor have I ever claimed to be an expert in this area.  But if its going to be discussed, lets be accurate with events and their context.



Complete emotionalism. How easily we dismiss other people's perspectives based on our own set of 'facts' rather than exploring the information they present. The exploration of the Arab slave trade is an issue that has been around in the African American circles for 40 years or more. Imagine how much longer it has been going around in the African intellectual world? But hardly anyone brings those issues to light with the exception of a few Afrocentric scholars who have been and studied in the motherland...


Oh I completely agree.