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  This is what KILLS me all the time about so-called brothers.....they always wanna MAXIMIZE and JUSTIFY their perception[which is constantly in debate] while minimizing and dismissing others point of view on the same topic.  For me?  I don't give a damn.  All I know is I would NEVER as a free person willfully engage myself with any institution religion or no that subjugate and enslave other human beings for personal gain.  Now someone tell me[since we have all these smarty pants] HOW CAN THOSE WHO CLAIM THEY LOOOOOOOOOOOVE GOD SO MUCH and are soooooooooo that?  Explain.     But!

That's fine and understandable, but when dealing with history and present circumstances that extend well beyond what you see yourself still need to know what is going on.  Nothing is being minimized and nothing is being dismissed.  There is no justifiable ignorance when there's no shortage of people who discuss this with literally anyone who will listen.


I understand the party line. Another time maybe.

Since we're now talking about "party lines"....

let me make sure I understand you correctly.  Are you saying you understand that this subject by many informed accounts has more complexity about than previously represented (ie the party line) and as such you're going to respond at a later time?


Or are you suggesting the information provided should be dismissed as the "party line" response, to which you'll wait until a later time/thread where you can repeat claims without challenge?

Sure, you have the right to headache and quibble about the pan-ethnic ID of Arabs and make-believe  “facts” that they weren’t involved in the slave trade. Why lie about any oppressor for political reasons?  You have the right not to document the non-evidence about the supposed six century genetics project of inventing Caucasians by  Yakub. That’s make-believe.  You are flat wrong. Allah created  the races. Believe in Yakub and whatever you like. This is a crazy-making fantasy, IMHO. Yes, I know the party line “facts” in advance.  That’s why there’s no way I will  continue this in a later thread. No way.