Reply to "The Arab slave trade: 200 million non-Muslim slaves from all colors and nationalities"

You want to say that you have no pride. You happen to know more than others who get mad at you because you know best through your brand name religion. You've got the facts, right?  

I don't understand what you're saying above.


Others are ignorant but you kniw. And you have no pride. Does your little smiley face  have pride? No way, right?!

I can only go off of how one represents their level of knowledge and what they present in the light of how they represent themselves. 


Then you say, “show and prove”. Someone else asked you “show and prove” that someone named Yakub genetically invented white people. You did not “show and prove” the scientific documentation.

No such request was made of me.  Lets review:


If I ask you to expound and document in writing  the history and exact science that substantiates this story, can you produce hard science evidence?  That’s for an example.

I responded to the introduction of Yacub given that He (as a subject) is well beyond the scope of this particular thread, and not anything I introduced in anyway, much less as a counter anything in this threads comments.  Now if you're really interested in getting into any scientific evidence regarding Yacub, no matter what your position is on him, you're going to run into the same issues and subject that people are dogging in this thread. Anthropology and archeology have rules of evidence and model construction that are very different from how people discuss history and development.  And its true, that even in that case, one still has to present the reasoning for the use of a given model. 



You cannot fulfill your own motto. Listen up, here’s a cool Islamic story.  A wise man asked who was greater Mahomet or the celebrated  teacher Betsami. Mahomet said no one had known Allah as he should be known and further said that God’s mercy was infinite. Betsami said he fully knew Allah and that Allah resided within him. Betsami was a know–it-all. That is a/k/a ego. His cup was filled with partial knowledge. His ears were blocked.He "knew".  His realization  was incomplete, a fantasy, because he thought he had it down. He claimed to have the answers. He may have been a boring close-minded guy to be around. Mahomet understood that God was infinite. His mind and heart was open to the infinitude of Allah. Who was greater?


I see. 


So when I ask questions concerning the evidence on a subject or particular claim I am giving the "party line" and defending the oppressor etc etc. etc.  However, I can be questioned on an element of NOI Theology (improperly represented and with no claim of relevance to the topic), accusations of "made up facts" with no counter evidence introduced, and now a philosophical question.


And you wonder why I use the smiley emoticon?


I didn't post this thread, I only made a comment and posed a question in it concerning it.


Questions that still haven't been answered.